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Possa - Cinqueterre Bianco - 2017

Possa - Cinqueterre Bianco - 2017

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Possa Farm - Samuele Bonanini

Production area

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, (SP) Liguria, Levante

Grape variety

Bosco, Rossese bianca, Albarola, Piccabon, Frapelao

Altitude of the vineyards

from 0 to 120 masl


Shale, rocky and sandstone remains

Yield per hectare

40 q


destemming, and left to ferment for 4 days together with the skins, then it is separated from the skins and left in steel for another 4 days, after which the upper part of the barrel continues to ferment in steel, while the lower part is put in barrique.


in oak and acacia barriques.

Alcohol content


Bottles produced


The harvest is still carried out entirely by hand, carrying the baskets containing the grapes on the shoulders up to the means of transport, in the most fortunate cases there is the aid of the rack railway, the only means of locomotion that serves only some sides.

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