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Possa - Cinqueterre Sciacchetrà - 2015 [375 ml]

Possa - Cinqueterre Sciacchetrà - 2015 [375 ml]



Possa Farm - Samuele Bonanini

Production area

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, (SP) Liguria, Levante

Grape variety

Bosco, Rossese bianca, Albarola, Piccabon, Frapelao

Altitude of the vineyards

from 0 to 120 masl


Shale, rocky and sandstone remains

Alcohol content



Before the harvest, the bands between the vines are covered, picking only the best grapes, the whole, the most sun-kissed and the most colorful. It is placed in small baskets and transported to a clean and airy environment where it is placed to dry on special dryers or hung. After about two months of drying the grapes, now dehydrated, are shelled by hand to be able to separate the stalk and the rotten berries from the intact ones that will go to produce one of the rarest raisins, just think that the grapes put to dry makes only about 20% of final product, and which occupies a prestigious place in the Italian panorama. The following processing is similar to that of red wines: left on the skins for a period ranging from twenty to forty days, it undergoes a light pressing and then is left to ferment naturally.The result of so much effort and passion is a unique, passito wine, sweet. A wine praised by great historical figures, from Carducci to Pascoli; from D'Annunzio to Pliny; from Boccaccio to Petrarca, up to Signorini. A wine for a few, for those who can understand, grasp and taste the fatigue and memories it contains, and experience all the emotions of the territory from which it comes.

The harvest is still carried out entirely by hand, carrying the baskets containing the grapes on the shoulders up to the means of transport, in the most fortunate cases there is the aid of the rack railway, the only means of locomotion that serves only some sides. Not filtered. It does not contain added sulphites.

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