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Casa Belfi - Naturalmente Frizzante

Casa Belfi - Naturalmentefrizzante

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Maurizio Donadi

Production area

Polo di Piave (Tv)

Grape variety


Alcohol content



Maurizio Donadi has recently recovered some family vineyards and has decided to show up at

public with a respectful approach to their work. His first wine was Casa Belfi

Colfondo, a Prosecco that has grown tired of the denomination to date and prefers to present itself as Naturally Frizzante Colfondo refermented in the bottle and not as Prosecco, even if in the end it is made up of 100% Glera grapes. Maurizio, helped by his wife Fabiola, conducts a continuous research

aimed at respect and productive improvement for the vineyard, adding and experimenting various methods, both organic and biodynamic, to have healthy land.


Sparkling wine with crown cap.

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